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Basic Research Grant

The Access to Insight Basic Research Grant with a value of up to € 70,000 is for basic science or translational research relevant to the understanding of the pathophysiology and treatment of haemostatic disorders. The grant can be used to cover salary and/or project costs over a 12–18 month period.

The research priorities are the interactions of blood coagulation components (cells and proteins) and treatment of haemophilia. Topics could include the following:

  • In vitro and in vivo models to evaluate therapeutics for haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders
  • Better understanding of mode of action of novel agents for treating haemophilia
  • Insights into the use of gene therapy for treating haemophilia
  • Investigations into phenotypic variations in haemophilia clinical severity
  • Molecular basis for inhibitor development and optimal tolerization in patients with haemophilia
  • Mechanism of action of bypassing agents in the treatment of inhibitor patients
  • The function and regulation of platelets in haemostatic disorders
  • Platelet receptors and clotting factor interactions in haemostatic disorders
  • Cell trafficking and bio-distribution of clotting factors
  • Diagnosis and treatment of von Willebrand disease and platelet disorders

In order to maintain a focus on interactions of blood coagulation components and haemophilia treatment, Access to Insight basic research grants will not support research focused on:

  • Products or technologies licensed or patented by competitors of Novo Nordisk
  • Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of blood transmitted diseases
  • Thrombotic disorders

It is assumed that a maximum of 20% of the total grant can be assigned to the candidate’s institute as overhead costs.
The quality of the project idea is the main criterion for the proposal evaluation.

The conditions of the Access to Insight programme require that any additional funding for the same project from other sources (e.g. WFH, ISTH-SSC) be declared to both funding sources. We appreciate grant recipients’ cooperation in this regard.

Download or upload your application form here.

Please click here for more information about the application review process.


December 1st, 2022
Open for Applications
March 27th, 2023
Application Deadline
April-May 2023
Review and Selection
July 2023
Notification of recipient
September 2023
Funding Available



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